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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Firefly fic: Simon/Jayne (prompt #27 for smut_69)

Firefly fic: Simon/Jayne (prompt #27 for smut_69)

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Title: It Surrounds You
Claim: Various Adam Baldwin Characters
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing, etc: Simon/Jayne (Simon POV)
Prompt: #27 Scent (for smut_69)
Word Count: Approx. 650
Rating: ADULTS ONLY (18+)
Disclaimer: JAYNE IS ALL MINE, DAMNIT! So, hands off! Just kidding! Joss is GOD and owns EVERYTHING, including my soul.
Author's Notes: 100% PWP; absolutely NO PLOT so don't bother looking for one. Written for kashmir1 'cause it's been a bad week and she needed pr0n. Title partially taken from a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, "That Smell" (even though the rest of the fic has nothing to do with that song). This is my first posted foray into graphic slash. Feedback=LOVE, even if it's the tough kind. Yeah baybee--I like it rough.

Waking from an unhappy dream, I took a deep breath to clear the thick fog of sleepiness. The scent in the room was overpoweringly male, and reeked of gun powder, sweat and sex; to me, it smelled heavenly. Snuggling down under the covers and further into the arms that encircled me, I reached back and found Jayne's cock. Pumping my hand up and down a few times I waited until it hardened. After a few short strokes it felt like velvet coated steel, and I eagerly pushed my ass back onto it. I moved my hand behind him, digging my fingers into his muscular buttocks, keeping him pressed against me and adding a little bit of power to my endeavor.

It only took a few thrusts of my hips and pulls on his ass until I was able to work the full length of him into me, and last night's activities provided plenty of lubrication. There was no need for the sickly-sweet smelling store-bought kind.

I could feel him waking, his cock throbbing and balls deep inside me. He hummed contentedly and licked my neck, blowing softly on the short hairs, making them stand up. Jayne buried his nose into my well-mussed hair, rubbing back and forth and inhaling deeply each time. I could feel his smile as his lips pressed against my skull.

He tucked his arm beneath my body, wrapping his hand around my hip and started pumping into me with long, slow strokes--hitting my sweet spot with every single one. Fascinated I watched my dick, rhythmically slapping against my stomach and dripping with pre-come. I reached down to touch my aching cock, but he pushed my hand away, not allowing me to find relief. Growling, he declared, "Mine." I didn't flinch when he spit on his palm, but I groaned in ecstacy as he encircled me tightly in his fist and stroked me in time with his thrusts.

I turned my head, nuzzling into the rumpled sheets and breathed in deeply, letting their musty aroma course through me and surround my senses. They smelled like us and I reveled in it--sticking the tip of my tongue out to see if they tasted like us, too. I was not disappointed.

Spreading my legs with one of his, Jayne dragged his knee across me to place his foot on the mattress between my thighs. Taking the hint that he needed more leverage I lifted my leg and tucked my knee beneath my chin. He wrapped his lower leg around mine and pumped into me, pounding me into the mattress.

It lasted forever, it was over too quickly...I couldn't decide which as Jayne finally gave my dick three quick, rough pulls and I came hard, my seed shooting long arcs over his hand and across the mattress. I heard his breath catch, and felt him tighten his grip on my hip as my ass clamped down on his cock. He held on, his arm like a vise across my waist as he rode my orgasm.

Struggling to maintain control, he brought his well-coated fingers to his face, sniffing slightly before sticking them in his mouth to clean the semen off. "Ai ya," he cursed with a heavy-lidded smile. "Everything about you smells good, don't it?" I smirked at him, intending to tease him a little, but when his eyes glassed over I knew the "debauched doctor" look had done him in. With a groan he finally came, and I felt the warm seed as it surged deep within me.

I wrapped his arms around me more tightly and sighed. Jayne stretched forward and with hot, wet lips gently kissed me again on the back of my neck, inhaling once more. Desperate to stay connected, to keep him within me, I pushed backwards resting my hips in the hollow of his pelvis.

And for once I think I fell asleep before he did.

x-posted to my lj, smut_69 and jayne_simon
  • Oh.




    *worships you*

    ALL FOR ME!! :D Thank you, Bug! <3
  • Oh wow.

    Like seriously. Wow.

    I'll be in my bunk for the rest of the night...
  • Wooo :fans self: And reading this just after watching Adam in an Inside ep is wow...awesome :D
  • I ah *clears throat* I don't think you need to worry about your descriptive pieces anymore. That was quite... thorough...

    *rushes off to take cold shower*
    • *giggle*

      Like I siad before...I have to work on them A LOT before I feel comfortable with the results.

      And this was pr0n. Not so much with the "deep thoughts" here...THAT is my next project. Monologues, introspections and internal dialogue.
  • stumbled upon your fiction, and i am loving it! i have read this now, and your inara/jayne fiction, all of which i have enjoyed thoroughly!

    great little snippets, and so hoooot too! :D

    i am loving your writing so far, i can't wait to read more! well done!
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