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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Writer's Block: R.I.P

Writer's Block: R.I.P

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Demon In Armani by animegurl65
What do you want done with your body after you die?

If it's any time soon (heaven forbid), I want my organs to go to someone that needs them.
If I die of something rare, I want my body to go to science (if not something rare, then send me to a body farm).
When it's all said and done, spread my ashes somewhere. Anywhere. Don't keep me in an urn.

And throw a big ass party...but remember: I'll haunt the lame-o's that threw it if at least one person doesn't get arrested.
  • THIS. In triplicate.
  • Really has nothing to do with your post - But I miss the frack out of you BB. Where the frell have you bee -< b> CALL ME </b>
  • No urns! *hugs you* And I'll endeavour to get arrested too :DD
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