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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

The Glee Project

The Glee Project

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GLEE! (Finn)
So, who's watching it?

Lots of interesting kids there. Plenty of potential. Possible connections easily drawn to current characters, and I must say I can't wait to see how it all works out.

Kinda confused though; Ryan's mentioned that the ND kids will eventually graduate and that he needs to think about new blood to carry the show...but this winner only gets a 7 episode arc? You'd think he should be looking for a whole slew of new kids to replace the old ones (pun intended).

I'm rooting for Mattaeus (even though he could be Artie's brother in some ways) or Cameron. Ah hell. Who am I kidding? I'm totally pulling for Cameron to win it all, and actually end up on the show longer. Can't help it; it's the not-so-sekrit Geek in me, and that's what he appeals to. I even have a back-story written for him in my head--so if *I* can do that, the ACTUAL writers better be inspired.

Ellis has potential given she perpetually looks 12 (wouldn't have to write her out for a long while). Samuel is smokin' hot and Puck could use the competition (and he looks like Lenny, which is NEVER a bad thing). Damien is ADORABLE and I want to roll around in his accent all day. Bryce is cute, too (and we need a new Rutherford). Alex is all...wow, that voice (can he be Mercedes' cousin? Or Az's--which...omg fic bunny brb.)

Okay. Where was I?

Lindsey is the REAL Rachel Berry IMHO (and that was not meant as a compliment). Hannah is meh. Marissa is boring. McKinley (sp?) is beautiful but kinda forgettable (seriously, I had to re-watch parts of the show to figure her name out). Emily annoys the shit out of me (besides, Naya does everything you can do BETTER, baby).

All in all, given the way things were presented and edited, and how things sounded, I agree with the judges' choice to send home.

(Plus, you just knew Damien's changing the lyrics to "I Wish I *WAS* Jesse's Girl" tickled Ryan to death...even if it was accidental.)

Anyway, tell me which person you're backing in the comments.
  • DAMIEN OMG. I have no problems admitting I love him for his accent. And he's adorable. Also, Mattaeus, because he seems weird enough that I would adore him on there.
    • We so have the same taste, it's ridiculous. That accent...*sigh*

      And Mattaeus IS just weird enough to stand out in that cast (which is a good thing). Plus, he's a Georgia Boy. Gotta root some for the hometown.

      But my adoration of all things geeky means I'm going all in for Cameron. He inspired *ME* to write for him, so what's that say? On the horribly off chance he doesn't make it on the show, at least I have fic-fodder. For Alex too.
  • what is this you speak of? Am I so hopelessly out of the loop that I didn't even know we were hula hooping?


    It's reality glee?
    • Yep, kinda. There are like 10-12 kids, all competing for a chance to be a guest character on Glee (and not a cameo or two; there's supposed to be a 7 episode arc written just for them).

      Of course everyone has to sing...some are just better than others--like on the show--and it helps to be able to dance and act. I'm hoping there will be challenges based on that, too. Not everyone that can sing can also dance/act. The producers have also said that the most talented singer might not win because they have to fit with the current cast--maybe fill a gap in the characterization-- and they have to inspire the writers to want to write something for them. (That's why I'm rooting for Cameron. He looks like a giant Nerd and I LOVE THAT because 1) I am one, too 2) There isn't a real Nerd/Geek Character (Tina & Artie being smart doesn't count because they fit other niches) and 3) OMFG that boy can BLOW. Bonus: He's ADORABLE.

      Here's his page:


      It airs on Oxygen and the website might have onlined eps but I DL it. I'm sure there are other places to watch it...but if you're interested and can't find it, let me know and I will try to UL for you.
  • (no subject) - delphia2000
    • Yeah, Bryce was a bit off. I think that he felt singled out right away and turned abrasive. If hat's how he handles stress it's probably a good indication he wouldn't fit.

      And Mattaeus DOES have a ridiculous voice. He's like Artie in that we just don't expect something like that to come from him.

      Same can be said for Cameron. Up comments I put a link to his info on the Oxygen site...once you see him he should spark your memory. Hard to believe all that grit and soul can come out of someone so...odd.
    • OMG OMG OMG. I didn't realize his actual name is Cameron Mitchell.

      Cameron. Mitchell.

      It's fate, I tell you. Fate.

  • I watched it because I knew Darren was going to be on. :P

    I like Damian. Jessie Girl! *squee* Unless he can lose the accent, I don't see him winning. However, it's too early to tell.

    I can't remember names, but I didn't like the girl that flirted with Darren. She seemed like a stuck up bitch.
    • Too bad they've already done that song because now I really would like to hear it adapted to how Damien flubbed it. Ryan's just the guy to do it, too.

      And Damien doesn't have to lose the accent if he's a foreign exchange student! He could live with one of the Gleeks. Someone who's family needs money since it comes with a stipend, right? (Sam?) (Damn, yet another one of them has inspired ideas in me. I'm telling you, TPTB better love this crop of hopefuls.)

      Yeah, the flirt. Skanky ho is more like it. That would be Emily...way to set women back 50 years with the "breast as secret weapon" comment. Stay classy.

      • Yes, foreign exchange student could work. Besides, RM could write pretty much anything he wanted. When has reality ever entered into Glee? ;)
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