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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.



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Camelot Gawain/Kay

I was kind of hoping that by seducing Merlin as Fake-Igraine, that Morgan would get pregnant with Mordred that way and spare us all the ick-factor. I have to give it to the writers, it threw me off long enough to not automatically expect the 'cesty seduction.

Except, when Real-Igraine said the only way Morgan would become Queen was to marry a King, or give birth to one...I got a foreshadowing tingle. I tried to dismiss it, I really did. So much of the mythology has been twisted and warped (in a good way, like Excalibur) that I thought TPTB might go a different route for that as well.

Not. I wonder if the next season will jump ahead significantly...

Kinda loved that the beginning of the round table was built from the boards that carried Leontis back to Camelot. Speaking of which, I originally thought that maybe Leontis was supposed to be Lancelot (name alteration) but now, not so much. Arthur saying the chair would remain empty till a worthy champion could fill it, combined with resurrecting the original incestuous conception of Mordred, I'm thinking that Lancelot comes in later. And it would serve Arthur right to lose Guinevere to him.

Unless she decides she wants them both. At the same time. That would be hot.

Also, poor Gawain. Having to see his BB get hit by an arrow must have been very hard on him. Did you see how quick he was to jump to Kay's rescue? *le sigh* I'm sure he took great satisfaction in executing the woman that confessed (albeit dishonestly) to ordering that attack in the first place. Not to mention the archer that shot Leontis (because in his mind that was obviously the one to shoot Kay, too).

*whines* Why is there no Gawain/Kay fic but the stuff that swirls in my head?????

Anyway, can't wait for next season already.

I wonder when Merlin is scheduled to return? The show, not the guy that left near the end of tonight's episode.
  • I was having that same thought about Leontes/Lancelot as well. Actually I thought of it from the beginning because it was too weird to change the name so completely, but then I shoved it aside and went along with the equivalence theory. Now, again, I'm sure that Lancelot will come in later. Considering Arthur is aware of Guinevere's previous disloyalty (even if by his own hand) it would serve as a source of jealousy when Lancelot arrives.

    You should write a short story where Kay and Gawain comfort each other over the loss of Leontes. *nods*
    • I love the thought of that kind of insecurity and jealousy. But she'd need to own up to her attraction to Lancelot if that's the case. I'm tired of the "whoa is me" crying whiny chicks. It's kinda why I'm maybe 10% rooting for Morgan.

      And dude, there was PORN for that comfort, all scribbled out on a napkin...and then it went and got all angsty because Gawain had to reconcile his beliefs with carrying out an execution (of a supposed-NUN, no less), which led to him finding her bible in the cell where she was held and asking Kay to help him read it, only there's a whole lot more in THAT version (and I don't mean the Apocryphal texts) that delves into the Druid beliefs, plus some spells and whatnot...

      It blew up in my head and now I'm scared of it.

      So, no. No porn for Kawain.
  • I haven't been watching Camelot, but am still considering it. do you think I should?

    Also Merlin starts again September. There's been lots of filming posts lately and all the knights are there again.
    • You definitely should watch it. It's not QUITE as dramatic as say, Game of Thrones, but no where near as campy as Merlin (much as I love it).

      And YAY! Can't wait to see how things progress in these shows. I've always loved historical/period tv shows/movies (right up there under SciFi) so to have this much of it on TV right now is like candy!
  • Ah, the Seige Perilous. That's Galahad's, who is usually Lancelot's son.

    The way they are re-writing this, it could be someone completely unexpected. How about a female knight who 'comforts' Leontes/Arthur? That would work.
    • OMG. A BSG type switch--dude, that would rock! There's only a ton of knights left to choose from for that, not to mention other genderswap possibilities.

      What would I give for Tristan to be a girl...and still be in love with Isolde.

      Or maybe Mordred is actually a girl that Morgan raises as a boy...

      And can Percival be gay? (or Gawain, which really would explain a lot on this show.)

      I'm still unsure whether Leontes is/was Lancelot. If it is, then Guin would have to be preggars already for there to be a Galahad...which is another reason why I am leaning toward a different person as Lancelot.

      Of course, that would be an interesting twist if she already was...and Arthur thought the baby his...

      OOOhhhh. The possibilities.
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