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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Waiting SUCKS.

Waiting SUCKS.

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Karofsky Only Human
OMG. Do you know how hard it is to avoid the internet? I'm trying so so so so hard to keep away from an accidental spoilers for Glee so I am not going to check my flist, or my email--and GOD FORBID going anywhere near Twitter or Tumbler--for the next 3 hours.

That's right, the ever-hungry-for-more-info spoiler WHORE doesn't want to be spoiled (any more than she is already) for tonight's ep. Color me surprised as well.

Seriously, is it 8 yet? Well, for some of you it is (fuckers;I hate you all) but it's only 5:12 here. I HATE WAITING!!!

(*eyes Internet TruckTM*)
  • it is possible im already hopelessly keysmashing over this ep. seriously.
    • OMG. He checked out Sam's ass.


      I could totally get behind that ship.

      You know, I'm sure everyone is going to whine on about how he's only doing it to keep Santana from outing him, but Max TOTALLY played that like the Dave was truly sorry. Like he really did want Kurt to be back at McKinley.

      And if that's not how he was supposed to portray Dave, the director would have asked for something else, or the editor would have made it look more douchey.

      Plus, Dave would have entirely too much fun bullying the bullies (while wearing that FABulous beret and satin jacket) in an attempt to be all, "Kurt, look at me, defending your honor. Because I love you. You know you want some of this. Well, you could if I were gay, but I'm not. I don't think. Hey you, stop pushing that kid around!"

      Also, I might have another bunny. Or two. One is DEFINITELY NOT DAM. The other is what it feels like to be on the other side and have no option to go back.

      Can't wait for the next eps, bb.

      (And where is that fic of yours?)

      • he might have done it to keep Santana from outing him, but there was a lot of honesty there, too. and now i want fic where Santana shows him a bunch of It Gets Better videos. and fic involving whats in his head during the performance of Born This Way, and the PFLAG chapter start, and...so so much.

        what fic of mine? i have no fic. ive never written fic before in my life.

        ...or maybe it's almost done but i feel like it's half-assed and then i started another kurtofsky fic and got half way through it and then second guessed myself and now cannot write anything ever again because the writing does not work.
  • OMG suchhhh a good episode <3
    • Oh Blaine, those tears in your eyes as you left your bb on the steps of McKinley brought some to mine, too.

      Props to Kurt for figuring out there was something else at play, and to Dave for 'fessing up and telling Kurt the truth. I honestly thought he'd just go along with Santana's plan without letting anyone know what was going on.

      Pissed at her for doing that. At least Kurt has integrity; guess not everyone can be counted on for discretion. Also, kinda creepy that she wants to be Queen to "royally decree" that Brittany HAS to be with her. That's worse than suprise!kiss IMHO. Very Non-Con, if you ask me.

      Can't wait to see how the rest of these eps play out!
  • (no subject) -
    • Nope, not taking it. I'll let RIB do it for me when they make him at least as likable as Puck.

      Slushies > Pee Balloons

      Just Sayin'.
  • I'll give you a hint:

    Stuff happens and they sing about it.

    Did I ruin the ep for you? ;)
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