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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

It has BEGUN!

It has BEGUN!

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You guys read my last post, right?

So, at 2:10 PM I logged onto the internet here at work. At exactly 2:14 PDT I reloaded (F5) the livejournal page.

This is what happened:

My computer then immediately locked up and I could not get it to do ANYTHING. Color me FREAKED THE FUCK OUT and also PISSED AS HELL because I was desperately trying to get a screen cap of that. 20 minutes later everything else cleared and I was able to save it.

Coincidence? I think not.*

*Maybe there is more to these attacks on LJ?
  • Uh-oh...I hope it was just a crazy random happenstance.
  • Scary! *hugs tightly*

    I've seen that screen before but nothing happened, I just refreshed again and it worked. *shrugs*
    • I tried refreshing again, but the whole computer locked up.

      Just found out that my asst mgr's computer also froze. She's freaked a little.
  • (no subject) -
    • Yeah, I HAVE to use IE at work (scary, that) but I ONLY use Mozilla at home & on my laptop.

      IT will upgrade IE soon, I'm sure (if they already didn't) and then I'll spend the next 2 weeks trying to show everyone how to use it again. (I had to do this when we went from Office 2002 to Office 2009; I was DEFINITELY the Training Coordinator that day.)
  • All that Ddos crap makes me nervous too. I bought something called "MacKeeper" and it cleaned stuff up fairly well ( I just don't understand most of it,) but my computer is running faster and the MacKeeper thing was able to delete redundant stuff and duplicate files I had in iTunes and iPhotos.

    Last week, I clicked on my Friends page and twice some Russian guys homepage came up...WTF.....I logged out and shut the computer off and it's been normal since then. :)
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