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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

3 days till Judgement Day.

3 days till Judgement Day.

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Does anyone know what today is? April 19, 2011.

*SKYNET becomes aware of itself.

You know, when the British named their military defense satellite system this, I thought they were just having a laugh...being ironic in that very British way and ha ha, nothing self-fulfilling about that, right?

First: Why tempt fate like that?

And Second: What if someone came back from the future to give us the plot for those movies as a more palatable way of digesting what's ACTUALLY going to happen? That all other attempts to warn us went unheeded or laughed at? (No one listens to Chicken Little, after all. Or wait, maybe it's the boy that cried, "Wolf." Whatever.) And that somehow the British Military (all World's Militaries, for that matter) was infiltrated to make sure that some version of Skynet was created?

Tack on the recent Jeopardy challenge and how eerie it was to see a computer that--well, for lack of a better word--intelligent (as in thinking for itself) and I have to admit I'm a little freaked out.

Let's see how things unfold for the next few days. We'll know for sure April 21st.

(Not really paranoid, guys. This is just how fandom and real-life collide.)

(Although, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't actually watching you!)

*Rescheduled in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles from the movie timeline.
  • Actually, Judgment Day is supposed to be this coming Thursday (April 21). *kicks J-Day fic that's due today*

  • Um... you're freaking me out now.
    • Lemme show you my brain; it's a scary, scary place sometimes. But, you know, gotta spread the paranoia love, babe.
  • You threw me for a moment, because the original online date from the original movie for Skynet was August 4, 1997, with Judgment Day on August 29. that's just 3 days after my birthday, so it stuck in my brain.

    I'm still watching TSCC's second season, so the time-travel/alternate timeline improved April 19th, 2011 online date, with Judgment day on April 21, hasn't been in my brain as long.

    • Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you.

      I'm lucky; I wasn't in fandom when the movies came out so it never really took.

      TSSC date, did. And I'm kinda freaking myself out the more I think about it.
      • The original Terminator movie was one of the first R-rated VHS tapes I rented when a local-ish rental shop first opened. It made an impression.

        I liked T2, watched T3, but have no real memory of anything in it, and gave up after that one. That's why I didn't watch TSCC when it first aired. They'd already screwed up the timeline so much, I figured it would be more of the same. Simply time jumping over the events that led to crapitude was genious, and lived up to the "No Fate" idea.
  • I love that you are this awesome and geeky.
  • Did I ever tell you that my laptop's name is Skynet 3? o_O
  • Since I'm from N. VA the thought of Judgment day scares the bejeesus out of me.

    *crosses fingers*
  • I survived the first timeline date, so hope to avoid the second too!

    But since it's already the 20th today, I'd better check the bomb shelter!!! :DDD
  • Late to the party with this one because I was out of commission, but did you see this toon?
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