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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Grrr. Argh.

Grrr. Argh.

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Daniel/Cam/Vala OT3
Dear E-book Readers:

When a publisher or book-selling website allows you to tag a particular title with keywords, PLEASE DO IT RIGHT.

I just wasted $5 on a book that sounded really good, and had decent reviews, because it was tagged as "M/M/F." Unfortunately, this tag was not correct. It was, in fact, an "M/F/M" book, which is an entirely different genre altogether, thank you very much. One that I choose not to partake in because I, dear reader, prefer that my triangles be equilateral--as in it actually has the "M/M" part of "M/M/F."

If it is straight menage, with no boy-sexing, IT IS NOT "M/M/F". Damnit.

No Love,


(FYI: Yes the book was decent, but would have been so much better IMHO, had there been equal opportunity loving between all the participants. No offense to the writer--that will remain anonymous--but if I'd known it was hetero-menage, I would have chosen another book.)
  • How annoying.

    Cameron Dane does m/m/f. And there's someone else who I'm looking for that has a m/m/f twincest. I'll let you know if I figure out who it is.
    • The brothers own a cattle feed lot, and it's part of series about a family. I think. Now is only I could remember the author.
      • Carol Lynne - Twin Temptations And now that I know who wrote it I can't really recommend it. She's not that good.

        But, in searching for it, AllRomanceEbooks.com has product tags, and yes, one of them is twincest. Gotta love that about a bookstore.
        • It's ARE that I am specifically complaining about. Their tags are jacked up, badly.

          And, uh, I think TT was my first hit of crack for twincest. No looking back after that...

          (Also, Carol Lynne is hit and miss. Mostly miss.)
          • I love that users can tag things, and iirc it seemed like they could create tags too. Although I've not done it, so I could be totally wrong there. I'm sure that whoever tagged your book as m/m/f didn't realize that it's not the same as m/f/m. But you're right, it really really is. If there's three people in bed and two of them are being careful not to touch each other, that's not a relationship.

            Reader education, it's a beautiful thing. When they pay attention!
            • Oh, don't get me wrong--I LOVE that I can tag books. I just wish more people would be careful about how they do it (or, as you say, put some time into reader education).

              If there's three people in bed and two of them are being careful not to touch each other, that's not a relationship.


              YES, THIS!

              Sure, I love smut for smut's sake...but I appreciate the time taken to craft a true relationship, the characterization, the difficulties coping. Those are the books I adore and will pimp like hell.
    • OMG. Cameron Dane is one of my favorite authors, as is Samantha Kane (she has a Regency MMF series that I just ADORE). I ACTUALLY read a M/F book because it was part of the Hawkins series Dane wrote. Color me stupified, as I liked it. And I *DON'T* read het.

      Also, you just hit my absolute biggest kink. Twincest. Seriously? I can't even begin to explain my love for that. *icon* I've read every single published twincest book out there (hell, I think I've read all the brother-cest ones, period).

  • Hetero-menage.

    • Well, if the dicks don't come anywhere near each other, it's like hetero-sex, plus one. So, yeah. Not my cuppa.

      I much prefer the two (or more!) guys to also be as affectionate as Tommy and Adam are in your icon. (Except, actually doing it. Which, I'm still not convinced they aren't...cause Tommy? Straight? Ur doin it rong.
  • Just seems like a waste to only have them sex up the female of the group :(
  • Which book was this, pray tell? M/F/M is Relevant To My Interests ;-)
  • Not sure if you've ever checked out Loose Id's titles--it seems like at least half their new weekly releases are M/M or M/M/F. It's personally not my cuppa (I like the kinky 'hit me harder, please, sir' stuff) but the quality of the writing is generally top notch. Jet Mykles especially is quite good; she has a het(ish) BDSM series that I absolutely adore, but most of her stuff is M/M.
    • Oh yeah, about half my purchases are Loose Id. I tend to look there for new stuff I can't wait to get to ARe (like Marie Hart's MMF).

      And yeah, Jet's stuff is smoking. I think I've even read some of her het stuff.

      I, too, enjoy the BDSM books. Unfortunately, I find some of them so badly written it hurts my eyeballs. And it scares me that people are learning BDSM from these titles (which is why I am glad Loose Id has that disclaimer in their books not to try any new sexual practice without research, etc). The bad ones just get it WRONG, making the action about submitting to the will of a Dom, that they are in control and to obey or else...and not how it's the Dom's job to make sure the Sub gets what s/he needs, and that the Sub is the one with ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the power in that relationship because they CHOOSE to submit.

      I just don't like the heavy stuff without a WHOLE lot of emotional investment and character development. You don't just automatically walk into a club and submit to the first Dom (or Domme) you see, and unfortunately a lot of stuff is written that way (well, okay not that fast, but it feels like it because I don't see the connection, the trust). Spanking and a little D/s is okay without the wind-up cause that's just kinky, but the stuff you need a safe-word for? No ma'am. I need the whole background, to see the Sub push boundaries and the Dom be there to put him/her back together...and I just don't think that's possible without the emotional commitment.

      Wow, I didn't mean to rant on like that!

      (Also, your shibari icon is way hot. And a pretty perfect example with the symmetry and then the one leg...gah. *fans self*)
      • Oh my god, tell me about it! I like the realistic BDSM, where they actually /have/ a safeword, etc., as well as the just slightly kinky stuff. But I'm really leery of a lot of it, because I've been burned a couple time by books that are so bad they are more like a train wreck then an erotica. Louisa Trent is the worst offender of that, in my book. I've bought a couple of her books of LooseId, each time thinking it'll be better than the last. But no, each time I get "Bastard has been wronged in some way (sometimes by Pretty Virginal Girl/Sexually Aware Before Her Time Sex Fiend or her family, sometime just by life), and there's some squicky business on someone's part so that the Pretty Virginal Girl/Sexually Aware Before Her Time Sex Fiend has to submit to everything the Bastard does. And then she realizes she loves him, and by submitting to all the awful stuff he does to her she is PROVING SHE LUVS HIM OMG and then they live happily ever after!"

        Gimme a freaking break. If I could get her books from a library or something I would read them for the same reason I read Twilight--sheer train wreck entertainment value--but I refuse to pay for it. I don't really consider myself hard to please in the ebook market, but I don't want mental and sexual abuse marketed as titillation.

        Wow. I rambled as much as you did! :P

        As for Jet's stuff, you should definitely check out the Dark Elves series. It's het (mostly) but one of the books is M/M as well as M/F, and the last one is M/M/M/F, and she did illustrations for each one that are smokin'. And there's some pretty heavy, but well done D/s too. If I were at home (instead of at work talking about erotica, ha!) I could tell you which of the books I liked the most. I color code my ebooks according to how much I liked them/how hot they are. The joys of MacOS! I'm fairly sure that the first two (Taken & Mastered) were my favorites, then #5 (which is the M/M one). The others were good too, just not the best. :)
        • Thank GOD. I was a little worried that my expectations were too high that a book be, oh I don't know, accurate and empowering. Obviously people have different kinks but the one like you described is just wrong. That's like an introductory course on spousal abuse.

          And I only WISH I could get that stuff at the library. Ours is a pretty liberal system but it's a rare genre. I've asked for ILL and gotten them (ironically enough, the one M/M title I really wanted and Las Vegas wouldn't buy was from...wait for it...SALT LAKE CITY!) but if it's not a major print publisher, it just won't be available.

          Thankfully, this post is far enough back that I can also admit that I have a few friends and we pool our resources to buy e-books for all of us to enjoy...but it stays with just that handful of people so even though we're being bad (bad, bad Bug), we're all still buying more books than we ever would otherwise.

          And I think her Dark Elves was my first taste of MMF. And while I liked the mixed sex, it was still (for the most part) about a M/F couple in the end. At first I liked that aspect, that YAY! sex is just sex and it's FUN...but then I moved on to other books like that and there just wasn't enough emotional involvement between the characters (I was spoiled by Jet's men--and Marie Hart's--because with the sex they had a deep emotional bond/brotherhood, even if the trio was not in a permanent relationship).

          Now, I prefer stories where the guys are established bi-sexuals and the triad is explored; for example: How did they all meet, how did the relationship evolve, what problems were there in adjusting from a couple to a trio, what steps are taken to avoid/deal with jealousy, relating to the rest of the world and deciding to procreate (or not, and why).

          Don't get me wrong though, I'll read the hot and dirty PWP threesome books!!

          Wow, another rant! At least I have a theme running: For me, it's all about the emotional involvement and character development.

          (I wish there was some way I could code mine. I tried putting only the MMF in one file, but then what if it's part of a series, do I isolate that from the MM books and if so, what if my brain stops functioning correctly and I think I've missed that book in the series and end up buying it again--ack! And what if that series also has MF? I wanted to isolate that COMPLETELY, but I hate breaking up a series.
  • have you tried Torquere Press books? I proof for them, and while the majority of their stuff is M/M, they do have some M/M/F.
    • Oh yeah, I buy from them...and I can trust if it has a girl it's still got the M/M part every time. Sometimes I want 4-5 books at once and I can guarantee at least half are Loose ID books. Plus maybe an MLRpress, and a Total_e Bound one. I'd much rather purchase them all in one transaction. (I do take advantage of their sales, frequently. I buy a LOT of books. Like 10-20 per month.)

      I thought that it taking some time for books to show up on ARe was a good thing and usually it is--that way it's been rated and tagged and there's an excerpt, plus reviews. In this case, the rating was smoking but excerpt was simply the wind-up, the review no help AT ALL and the tags, wrong.

      (Plus, ARe has a buy 10 get one free deal and I can't tell you how many times I've taken advantage of that. Wait, yes I can...I have 167 books in my archive so I've gotten *does math* 15 free. And I'm 8 away from another one, which I will consider reparations for yesterday's disappointment. Oh, and at least 4 times a year they give a ton of stuff out for free, usually the first book of a series to drag you in and get you to buy the rest of them.)

      That's totally cool you work for them!
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