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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Anyone seen the wagon?

Anyone seen the wagon?

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Demon In Armani by animegurl65
Right, so I'm gonna give this a try--DW as a back up in case LJ can't get it's shit together. My layout there is all fucked anyway, so I might as well start from scratch. We'll see. I'm just so attached to LJ; new is cool but scary sometimes, you know? (Plus, didn't we all go through this with Insane Journal and something else?)

Please, no one have a heart attack on this, but I'm thinking the layout, etc. for this journal will be Danny/Steve. Need to take a look at what's possible with a free account.

Also, I'm in the process of moving fic to AO3. In preparing to do so, I've come across lots of fic I want to fix first; so it may be a while. As for writing, down the pike I have a(n): RPS Alex/Scott to finish for the Holiday Fic Fest; Alex/Scott PWP (tattoo related); 3 Steve/Danny fics (one of which is a follow-up for "First Rule"); awkward Dave/Blaine hookup; Glee/Greek crossover humorous fic; original fic/essay type thing; plus untold numbers of one sentence beginnings sitting in my "Fic To Write" file.

On LJ, LadyCleo is cranking out some pages to possibly wrap up Copper For A Kiss. A looooong ass time ago I made a promise to myself that if she did that, I'd finish Casino Job. So, the cheerleader and Rayne-Fan in me wants her to finish ('cause I seriously need to know how it all turns out)...but WHEN SHE DOES, that means I have to put my money where my mouth is and do it, too. Crap.

And in case you were wondering, I'm making a concerted effort to post daily...at least a little SOMETHING.


Today, I've been pondering the nature of commenting.

I am a spotty fic-commenter. I don't always reply letting an author know that I liked a fic, mainly because--lately--I prefer to tailor my comments directly to the fic with details about what what written and how it affected (effected?) me. Sure sometimes a "That was hot!" will suffice, but I've been trying to move away from that. Also, I may not know enough about the fandom/characeters/actors to comment right then, and have probably bookmarked it for later commenting. (If it's something I am not into yet, it may be a while. Don't anyone hold their breath, okay?)

At any rate, rest assured that if you are on my LJ flist, I read your fic--even if I don't comment. If you post in the comms I belong to, I probably read it. If it's Dave Karofsky related there's a 90% chance I am reading it. If it's Hawaii Five-O--well, there's just so freaking much of that I'll only read recs from my flisters, names I recognize from other fandoms, authors with reps as awesome writers...and anything rated R or NC-17. (What? Don't judge!)

What about you guys? Do you always comment? Would you rather a bunch of "Good job!" or "That was hot!" comments, or a few really well thought out replies that tell you someone reflected on what they had to say, and how your work affected or influenced them?

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  • Yeah. Not digging the DDOS attacks. Not cool at all. :(

    I have a DW, too, and just asked for subscription access. :)

    I try to leave feedback on stuff I read, saying what I liked about it. I love the squee on my fics, and thought out comments, too. Sometimes the thought out comments lead to great discussions. I've made lots of new friends that way. :)
  • Any fic comments are fine by me. I'm not always good at leaving feedback, either, which is why I love AO3 and their kudos function.
  • It wouldn't hurt to have DW as emergency backup; I've got one for that purpose I never used.

    Though wouldn't try importing your current LJ posts to DW at this time, and apparently DW is saying this too. It creates yet more heavy demand on the LJ servers, making it more difficult to fend off the DDoS.
    • I don't think I'm going to import old posts. It'll be a clean slate if I go over there permanently. IF.

      Otherwise I have a program that backs up all LJ posts, so I have them on my hard drive. The fic is REALLY the only thing I want backed up for sharing, which is why I am uploading that to AO3.
      • Ah, OK, just saw a post about a lot of people trying to do imports (and generally failing, due to the situation) because they think something wrong with LJ itself, so I thought I'd mention it's probably not an option right now.

        There are a lot of sites who've been been hit by DDoS attacks and taken offline, but this one seems especially bad. As soon as it's up, it goes down, or at least slows down. Poor LJ.

        Good to hear fic is going up at AO3. There's a lot of gems buried in LJ land, so republishing them there might get some new readers.
  • (no subject) -
    • I like the kudos button too. Gives the author a response without me having to come up with actual words. ;)

      The only critique I'll give is to people I know if they've got a typo. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll get a burning sensation coming out of my monitor.
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