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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Not sure how many on my flist actually watch this show...

Not sure how many on my flist actually watch this show...

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Nowhere NEAR enough Sean Maher on Make It or Break It. I was kinda hoping that, in addition to him being some Gymnastics Bureaucrat, TPTB would put him in a onesie, hanging from the rings as the character coulda been a past-gymnast himself. That woulda been hot.

But, I did love that (last week) his character was the first to call out Emily's mom on how the poor girl didn't even have her own room (when it's HER athletic stipend paying for just about everything); that she needed to be treated like the elite gymnast she is.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Make it or Break it, especially the awesome inappropriateness of Payson and Sasha (Neil Jackson needs to come back ASAP). I really do like Sean's role and I totally agree with you. I loved him calling Chloe out, the same way I've LOVED Austin and then this week, Payson calling out Emily on some of her crap. Now if someone would just throw Lauren off a cliff, all would be right with my MIOBI world. :-)
    • Yeah, that bit about her having to follow rules everyone else has been obeying was a bit of a wake up, I think. It's not always "poor Emily" boohoo.

      Kinda wishing Carter wasn't sent to Denver. He was pretty to look at. Austin is kinda...meh. That one gymnast that gave Pay the cortisone shots was hot. I'd like him back for certain.

      Also, I'm disappointed in Damon. After all the perfect answers (Not letting her quit, telling her to sign the contract), he really shoulda sent Emily packing instead of cashing in her v-card like that. (I'll admit it: I preferred Razor anyway.)

      Maybe there will be some drama with him at Kaylie's house recording?

      And Sasha totally needs to come back, if only to clear his name (and steal Summer back from Steve after the man LIES to her AGAIN and covers up Lauren's involvement in the scandal after promising he'd be honest and tell Summer everything).
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  • OMG, YES!!!!

    He needs to get more involved somehow... if only so we can see him on tv :)

    And yes, Neil Jackson needs to come back as Sascha and put the beat down on Steve. I am really disappointed in Summer falling for his shit again.
    • I really think that Summer's affection for Lauren is clouding her judgment with Steve. We'll see if he deserves another chance: if he tells Summer about Lauren sending the picture to Ellen THEN I'll go along with it. If he hides this from her, then it's a no-go.

      (And seriously, please please please let there be more of Sean in future eps!)
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