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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.



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Snagged from killerweasel:

Where did 'Steampunk' come from.

Not that I'm some expert in the genre, but I'm not sure I agree with the author's assessment. As someone else mentions in the comments, those examples given are Science Fiction for the time. TO ME, "Steampunk" is more retro than that; it's you or me setting a story in the past and giving the characters science and inventions not thought of at that time...not a "present" era plot with futuristic elements.

IDK how to put it into words better, but as a comparison -- I don't think Jules Verne did Steampunk. He wrote Science Fiction. Wild, Wild West on the other hand is probably the best example of what I'd consider Steampunk. But then again, I see the argument for a story like that Sky Captain movie (except that, for some reason, my brain refuses to process the story as happening at any time but in the past--which may be an incorrect assumption but somehow it works and still fits my definition).

And yet, I can probably shoehorn any fic with the Genii trying to figure out/use Stargate/Ancient technology.


So confusing.

What do you think?
  • I think the article is more about steampunk in books and comics than tv and movies, if that helps.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [ the original graphic novel] has steampunk elements, as does 'UP' and 'Scarlet Traces' [graphic novel]
  • I think it's more accurate to consider Jules Verne and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as inspirations to the modern concept of Steampunk. But there are certainly some other pulp stories out in those days that eventually led to the genre. I just don't see it as a linear progression that could be easily defined in such a short article.

    Yes, Wild, Wild West and Sky Captain of Tomorrow are both Steampunk. So is The Golden Compass.

    Now I feel like I need to play some Abney Park. I could go for some airship pirates.
  • i always saw sky captain and the world of tomorrow as a 1940s era & might be more of a diesel punk thing.
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