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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Cable TV and Field Trips.

Cable TV and Field Trips.

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Karofsky Only Human
So, point the first: Camelot. I watched it, liked it a lot, but I canNOT get over how much Arthur and Kay look like very young versions of Henry and Charles (the Tudors). As long as Kay sticks around I see lots of potential for slash. Also, Fiennes creeped me out as Merlin. I'm so used to fluffy funny Emrys that it threw me. Oddly, Arthur is still kinda Arthur. Very. Very. Pretty. (Contrary soul that I am, of COURSE I prefer Kay, though.)

B): I'm expecting lots of angry phone calls Tuesday night. From irate parents. I guess I should start at the beginning.

Slade had a field trip and I volunteered to chaperone. Bearenstein Bears musical at UNLV. Anyway, the school bus we rode had a radio and speakers built in. On the way there it was too loud to hear much, but I sat under a speaker on the way back. I hummed along to many of the songs and the little girls that flocked to Slade giggled and asked if I knew the words.

And then Teenage Dream came on.

Belted it out with all those 7 & 8 yr olds who love me like burning now.

But then, one of them asked how someone so OLD knew the words to a "cool" song. Ouch. I could have/should have just said "the radio. I listen to it, too." But my mouth tends to work before my brain does. So I told them from a TV show about a High School chorus. "Like High School Musical?!!!" one of them screeches, practically hyperventilating. "NO!" another counters, grinning excitedly like a loon. "I bet it's like Victorious."

So, yeah I've seen both of these and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I watch what my kid does to make sure it's appropriate, and explain what it necessary. And, in some respects these shows are similar (especially Victorious). So I tell them, "Kinda." At this point my brain kicks in and I try to add a quick disclaimer to set them off the path of a more mature show, "But, these kids are older...." By then I am completely drowned out by the squeals of excitement and laughter and bouncing as one of them googles on her iPhone (really? 8yrs get those?) that it's on Tuesdays and she's texting all of them the time.

Oh. My. God. Isn't this week's ep on Sex and sex education. I mean not that every ep doesn't have this hinted at or happening, but it's GAY sex ed, right? *face/palm* I'm in so, so, SO MUCH trouble.
  • Oh no! *grins at you* I want to know if you get any of those calls :)
  • Uh-oh,

    I'm not sure which image I find more amusing, the kid with the Iphone (really?) or the fact that they will be trying to tune into this show.
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