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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

The Horror...

The Horror...

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Demon In Armani by animegurl65
OMG. I just watched the first ep of Skins US and seriously, WTF?

So, yeah they kept all the same names. But those characters? WERE NOT the characters I know and love. THAT was not Tony by ANY stretch of the imagination. The UK version was just as manipulative and narcissistic but THIS guy was...IDEK what. More...skeevy? It creeped me out to watch him.

That Chris was just sooo wrong. SO. Wrong.

And where the FUCK is Maxxie? Did we get a replacement character with the lesbian cheerleader instead? On one hand, yay for more lesbians on TV. On the other, boo. Network cop-out? Gimme my Maxxie.

Ya know, I find it odd that I hate this version so much more than I do the US version of Being Human and yet I loved Being Human UK more than I did Skins UK (and WOW that's going to be hard to keep track of).

The new BH positively SHINES by comparison.

Maybe the US should stop ripping off show ideas. I mean, it worked for QAF and The Office...but this was just pure crap.

(And why the hell couldn't the set designers get Tony's duvet? Them in bed together at the end of the ep is not as funny without the naked body appliques. And we are cheated the visual...metaphor(?) about their relationship.)


I want that hour back.

Edited to Add:

Greek, however? BEST. EPISODE. EVER. I ♥ Beaver so much. If TPTB won't fulfill my fondest fantasy and gimme Heath/Beaver then I can think of nothing better than Beaver/Catherine. Srsly. A het ship I can TOTALLY get behind. Oh, and speaking of which: stripper Heath FTMFW!!!
  • I couldn't get myself interested in Skins USA enough to tune in. Besides, I don't even know what channel MTV is on my line-up. I've heard many advertisers are pulling out because they're afraid that the rumors are true about it skirting too dangerously close to child pornography. I also heard that the number of viewers who tuned in for the second episode was about 50% that of the first. I doubt this thing will survive.

    Yes, they removed Maxxie and replaced him with Tea. Apparently US audiences are more accepting of lesbians than gays. Hearing their plans to do this was what made me decide I wouldn't bother checking it out. Until then I was at least morbidly curious like I am with Being Human USA.

    Not content enough to ruin UK shows for American audiences, MTV has plans to do a UK version of Jersey Shore. Welcome to Newcastle's Geordi Shore! Now they're exporting our terrible shows.
  • I tried to give the US version of Skins a chance, but more than a few minutes into it, it seemed so fake. Like they were trying to hard to be something there are not. I'm not a fan of the original skins show, but I got the feeling it had more character and depth than the Us one. IDK, if that's just me.

    The word around is that MTV lost a lot of sponsers because of the story lines going on. I don't know about too much, but I don't think its gonna last long.
  • Did they even include Anwar? I didn't see him in the commercials and I know how America is like SO terrified of Muslims, I was worried they left that character out all together.

    I wasn't going to watch this anyway but not having Maxxie = MASSIVE FAIL.
    • Yeah, there was an Anwar...not that he resembled the one I'm used to either.

      And Cassie became Katie. Who was the least similar to her original character. It was horrific.
  • I really love the US Being Human too. I haven't seen the UK edition yet though so I don't have an opinion on it as of yet. I may try to catch up on it this summer.
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