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Writer's Block: R.I.P

What do you want done with your body after you die?

If it's any time soon (heaven forbid), I want my organs to go to someone that needs them.
If I die of something rare, I want my body to go to science (if not something rare, then send me to a body farm).
When it's all said and done, spread my ashes somewhere. Anywhere. Don't keep me in an urn.

And throw a big ass party...but remember: I'll haunt the lame-o's that threw it if at least one person doesn't get arrested.
GLEE! (Finn)


My favorite contender for The Glee Project...his name is Cameron Mitchell.

Cameron. Mitchell.

Cameron FREAKING Mitchell.

It's fate, peeps.

(This post will only make sense to SG-1 fans. Sorry.)
GLEE! (Finn)

The Glee Project

So, who's watching it?

Lots of interesting kids there. Plenty of potential. Possible connections easily drawn to current characters, and I must say I can't wait to see how it all works out.

Kinda confused though; Ryan's mentioned that the ND kids will eventually graduate and that he needs to think about new blood to carry the show...but this winner only gets a 7 episode arc? You'd think he should be looking for a whole slew of new kids to replace the old ones (pun intended).

I'm rooting for Mattaeus (even though he could be Artie's brother in some ways) or Cameron. Ah hell. Who am I kidding? I'm totally pulling for Cameron to win it all, and actually end up on the show longer. Can't help it; it's the not-so-sekrit Geek in me, and that's what he appeals to. I even have a back-story written for him in my head--so if *I* can do that, the ACTUAL writers better be inspired.

Ellis has potential given she perpetually looks 12 (wouldn't have to write her out for a long while). Samuel is smokin' hot and Puck could use the competition (and he looks like Lenny, which is NEVER a bad thing). Damien is ADORABLE and I want to roll around in his accent all day. Bryce is cute, too (and we need a new Rutherford). Alex is, that voice (can he be Mercedes' cousin? Or Az's--which...omg fic bunny brb.)

Okay. Where was I?

Lindsey is the REAL Rachel Berry IMHO (and that was not meant as a compliment). Hannah is meh. Marissa is boring. McKinley (sp?) is beautiful but kinda forgettable (seriously, I had to re-watch parts of the show to figure her name out). Emily annoys the shit out of me (besides, Naya does everything you can do BETTER, baby).

All in all, given the way things were presented and edited, and how things sounded, I agree with the judges' choice to send home.

(Plus, you just knew Damien's changing the lyrics to "I Wish I *WAS* Jesse's Girl" tickled Ryan to death...even if it was accidental.)

Anyway, tell me which person you're backing in the comments.
Covert Affairs OT3 (Annie/Ben/Jai)

Oh Happy Day!

Season premieres for White Collar & Covert Affairs -- plus, episode 3 of Primeval!

I am on OT3 overload!!!

(Totally makes up for the shit day at work...)
Demon In Armani by animegurl65


Work's been kicking my ass--had an internal audit and a surprise inspection and the whole place seems to be falling down around me. When crisis hits, everyone forgets anything newer than 12 months old (SOP changes constantly) and their brains reset to factory default settings or something. I actually listened to one employee answer an SOP related question with a procedure we haven't used in THREE FUCKING YEARS. WTF??? *face/palm*

My only refuge has been drowning in back-eps of Primeval that I've been holding off on watching. See, my favorite characters have a habit of getting killed. First Captain Ryan, then Stephen (Cutter was sorta meh, whatever) I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore when I fell HARD for Captain Becker. Couldn't watch past the first 3 eps of S3 (kinda how I haven't actually watched the Torchwood Episode That Didn't Really Happen). Anyway, yeah--seriously, totally, 100% in lust with Ben Mansfield. Looks like a Brit has finally replaced the Aussies!

So, with that in mind: Anyone have any "Becker/ANYONE EXCEPT JESS" fic recs? Would ADORE BEYOND IMAGINING a Becker/Connor/Abby fic, if you guys know of one (and of COURSE I'd find an OT3). Gonna look through beckerconnor and beckermattslash to see what I find.

Wish me luck!

(Gonna have to save the 1000+ entries I've missed on you guys for the weekend. Got the first ep of S5 to watch. Yay! *licks monitor*)

(Also, I need to find a .gif of Becker as Connor's back up when he went to pick up Rex from the guy trying to sell him on the internet. HOT!)

(And I need a couple Becker icons, too.)

Oh, and for those of you who have NO IDEA what I am talking about...this is Becker:

Click to embiggen. And trust me, you want to.

I love this fandom/No Icon

Random CSI-Related Observation, Self-Awareness and a Mini Rant.

You know you watch entirely too much TV when you see a missing person's bulletin for less than a half second and immediately recognize the NON-CREDITED face of Jimmy, from Showtime's Gigolos.

Props to TPTB for actually using someone/something from/at somewhere in Las Vegas on their show for once (unless it was completely by accident, which is probably the case).

You know, the pouring rain every 3rd episode irritates me...'cause that Just. Doesn't. Happen. Sure, we'll get a terrible storm every couple of months (if we're lucky) but for the most part it only happens in a small section of the city (kinda like it raining in The Bronx, but with the most beautiful clear-blue sky in Manhattan). And where the hell is all this green stuff I keep seeing on the screen? I think people call them "trees" and maybe "grass." I've never seen so much of it, except on a golf course, or up at Mt. Charleston.

(Also, please try to forget that I even mentioned watching Gigolos. It's horrible. Except, I have an enormous crush on Steven. *sigh* ~looks at empty bank account~ *sigh again* Oh, and I think I used to know Jimmy. Only, I don't think that was his name...)

Grrr. Argh. Pirates Rock!

I've been looking for the original post for this so if anyone knows who made it I would appreciate the info.

Forgot to add: In other news, I cut my hair again. It's now a realllllllly short inverted bob. It's stacked really high in the back but the front only reaches my chin. Will post a pic after I've colored it and gotten highlights.