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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.



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Camelot Gawain/Kay

I don't know what the rest of you guys think of it, but I AM LOVING the changes they've made to this iconic myth. With most movies/tv or books (and yes, even Merlin, as much as I love it) I'm usually just waiting around to see how the next part unfolds in a story I know many permutations of and/or anticipating how it could be done for the format.

This version blows me away. I adore how Lancelot Leontis is the one married to Guinevere, and that Arthur, the bastard child, covets what is not his (taking away the perfection that made him BORING in my estimation). And yet, it's got enough of the original Le Mort d'Arthur plus some elements of The Mists of Avalon (my favorite version of this story) that it's still a very recognizable tale, but one re-imagined.

Re-imagined. Like how Merlin spins the events that led to him bringing Excalibur to Arthur. No joke, my favorite part so far (even if he's not the most talented Fiennes brother and the brooding darkness is WAY overdone, thank you) because it gives you an idea of how all of these stories (and maybe other mythical texts--some of you know what I mean) can be crafted into a tale more heroic or magical and later thought to be allegorical.

But you know me, and of course I see it everywhere: So, point me to the slash. Preferably Gawain/Kay because OMG YOU KNOW that Kay has to reward Gawain for learning to read! Edited to Add: I knew I wasn't the only one! *ICON*

(Also, is it me or is there a whole lot of 'cest going on lately? I mean, I'm getting that vibe from Cesare & Lucrezia on The Borgias, it was hinted at in The Tudors, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE for Pillars of the Earth and now, wow look at that! in Game of Thrones. The whole taboo nature and how rare it was to see used to be part of the appeal. Now that everyone is doing it, it's kinda lost it's kink-factor for me. *pouts*)
  • I liked the way the sword acquisition melded the two varying accounts, by pulling the sword from the stone only to fall into the lake below to be retrieved again. Clever. Fiennes' Merlin intrigues me. I keep getting this feeling that he's manipulating events for some personal gain he's hiding from everyone. Even though Merlin has almost always been depicted as a schemer, this is the first interpretation I don't trust. I like it.

    And I've been crushing on Kay since episode 1. I'll fight Gawain for him. Or maybe just take them both.
    • I mentioned it elsewhere, but Arthur and Kay remind me of VERY young versions of Henry and Brandon on The Tudors. And at first I was smitten with the pretty of that pairing.

      But dude, the eyesex between Gawain & Kay was smoking. That's my new OTP for this fandom.

      (Also, I have naught, dirty images of you taking "them both" floating around my brain. heh.)

      And yeah! EXACTLY like what happened with the original sword...which is NOT Excalibur

      Plus, I know what you mean. Merlin had that kind of sinister edge in the Mists books so I can appreciate this version; Joseph is just not selling me on it.

      *off to find more Gawain/Kay icons*
      • And I found one! WITH THE BOOK IN IT! OMG that better get fic written, damnit. I don't have the time or energy to do it myself!
  • OMG YOU KNOW that Kay has to reward Gawain for learning to read!
    THAT was just what I thought. I wrote a little fanfic (in Italian) where Kay rewards Gawain with kisses.
    And Gawain rewards Kay with kisses when Kay learns something new in combat. YAY.

    (About the incest: That's true. Game of Thrones is quite old as incest because it comes from the books and they had been making this series for ages but the other tv shows... I don't know. And we'll have to wait in Camelot. I wish there was a Morgause. Morgause as Arthur's sister AND Gawain's mother- and Mordred's mother).
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