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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.

Icon pretty much sums it alllllllll up.

Icon pretty much sums it alllllllll up.

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Seriously, I want this naow:

Conan the Barbarian in 3D Publicity StillSee More Conan the Barbarian in 3D Publicity Still at IGN.com

Half Nekkid Ronon Conan, yes please!

(And when he has time, for Jason to guest star on Hawaii Five-O as well.)
  • OMG!! *drools*

    He should totally guest star on Hawaii Five-0!
  • I like that hair so much better than the dreads! Makes me want to re-read all the Conan stories too. *sigh!*
    • (Anonymous)
      funny I was just thinking I like him way better with dreads... probably since we haven't seen him without the dreads and clean shaven since what Baywatch... I think?
    • I want to run my fingers through that hair... and across that chest... and down those abs... and... well you know... *guh*
  • Oooh, yes. Jason Momoa is all that and an absolute sweetheart to boot [sigh] :-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hot damn! I wanna pounce on him. Talk about smolder... did it just get hot in here or what?
  • Yum. *stares*
  • Holy shit.



    I'll be in my bunk
  • UGH, God YES.

    And he needs to get on Hawaii Five-O like right now.
  • Wow...never thought I'd see the day where I'd say wow in regards to him. xD
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