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Anderson, don't talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.



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Kurtofsky (flowers)
Singing, Dancing, HAPPY DAVE was a thing of pure...well, GLEE!!!

(Can't stop flailing and fan-girling over Max and how AWESOME he was in this ep.)
  • I was so made that my tv decided to screw up and I missed most of the middle of the show! (Techs are coming out Tuesday to fix/replace my cable DVR box.) Anyway, I really didn't like the producers trying to make him into a sympathetic character and was glad his true colors showed at the end. I predict his secret will be found out and he'll go off the deep end! Between the writing and the actor's talent, they've made me really despise him!
    • Awww...poor Dave.

      I'M hoping he'll be given some way to redeem himself, or that we'll see him struggle with some bullying once he's out and then realize how badly he treated Kurt (even if he doesn't try to make amends). As my adoration for Jayne can attest, flawed characters that exhibit growth--no matter how slight or fleeting it is-- are far more interesting than the already perfect ones.

      Plus, I have this issue with him being written off as unredeemable: it's like saying "It only gets better if you're a stereotypical and/or bullied gay. If you're scared and lash out, well you don't deserve for things to get better."

      And that's just unacceptable. And here's why:

      I knew a guy like Dave in HS. Total bully that made our lives miserable (and I was relatively popular; as far as he was concerned, no one was off limits) and we all hated him. Even the teachers.

      In college he came out and did some REMARKABLE things for his GLBQT student association. I asked him about it at our reunion (he brought his BF of 7 years) and he said all it took was for one person to really be there for him, no questions asked. Of course, he admitted he could never make up for the things he did, but he sure tried.

      Dave deserves this kind of chance, too.

      [/off soapbox]
    • Also, those "true colors" only surfaced once Finn suggested Dave be a full-time ND member and that they drive over to Dalton to apologize to Kurt.

      Facing Kurt? No way. Dave still isn't ready for that. Baby steps.

      Alternately, if Dave still plays hockey, he can't be in Glee without facing the derision of all the other Puck-heads. NONE of them are in Glee (unlike the 5 football players). With a Division championship he can always say the end justified the means; he might catch SOME hell, but there's a trophy in that case that might not otherwise be there. His block was pretty crucial to the game and in the end, winning is all that matters.

      I can't wait to see if Bieste is also the Hockey coach. Maybe we'll get the same ultimatum for those boys as well. (A girl can dream!)

  • Max was good. However, I don't want him in New Directions. Not after all the shit he's done to Kurt. I liked that Finn wanted him to apologize to Kurt, but Dave's not ready to do that yet or for all those "hippie songs". :D
    • As opposed to all the shit that Puck did to Kurt, but that's okay? I mean, really? A pee-balloon? But Puck showed growth, changed, became a better friend (somewhat) and now he's a different guy than the one we had in the first ep.

      Don't get me wrong I LOVE Puck, for all the reasons that I love Dave. Flawed characters are simply more interesting to me. I just don't see how it so unacceptable to people that Dave get that same treatment.
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